Blog: "Growing Old" 

March 29th, 2023 was my 30th birthday!  Now, I know I wouldn’t be considered “old” by anyone other than a child, but of course it still feels as though my Chapter of Youth has come to an end.

When I see photos of myself from 10 years ago, it’s clear that I looked older then.  That was partly me making an effort to appear more grown and mature than I really was, but it also had A LOT to do with my lifestyle choices.  Drinking too much alcohol on a regular basis, consuming processed foods and using unnatural chemical products on my hair & body lead to quick deterioration of my physical and mental health.  This was the time-period just before I was introduced to mindfulness practices like yoga, meditation and breathwork.  The universe has a way of teaching you things when you need it the most 🙂

We’ve all heard someone use “getting old” as an excuse for something negative, such as letting themselves go (physically) or lacking mobility.  Of course there are many circumstances where injuries along the journey can affect your abilities, but can the majority of people truly look at themselves in the mirror and say they tried their hardest to avoid toxins, eat only nourishing foods and strengthen their muscles everyday?  I believe the answer is No.

There are infinite negative temptations offered to us each day, and the real discipline comes from resisting them and staying focused on what is good for us.  With each day that we are gifted to be here in human form comes a new opportunity to get stronger.  Recognize time as a tool to that we can utilize to get better and stronger.  Everyone has 24 hours in a day, how will you choose to spend your precious time?

I’ve decided to stop using the term “getting old” and instead vow to always say “growing old” because that is the goal; to continuously GROW with time, not only through wisdom in the mind but through physical strength.  And always remember that just because you’ve done something a certain way for any length of time leading up to right now, does not mean that it needs to continue from this moment forward.


Toronto, 2015

Los Angeles, 2015

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