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Withdrawals (One Night Stand) Lyrics 

“Withdrawals (One Night Stand)” by Shannon Kohl

Withdrawals are wearing me down
I cannot get my mind sound
And now, I wish you I never found
‘Cause these withdrawals are wearing me down

I know, I know what’s best for…

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Music: Official Video! "Ego" 


The Song

The single “Ego” was released June 23rd, 2023 on all major music platforms.  The official music video is also available on YouTube!     

"Ego" is a tropical pop song written and recorded by Shannon Kohl in collaboration with Zion…

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Music: "Ego" Lyrics 

“Ego” Written by Shannon Kohl


Everyday I’m learning how to go with the flow
Usually I wanna be the one in control
I know by now that’s not always possible
That’s why they say you live and learn I

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Music: Official Video "Better off Free" 



The single “Better off Free” by Shannon Kohl was released in May 2022 on all major music streaming platforms.  Today, February 14th, 2023 comes the World Premiere of the official music video for the song.

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Music: "Better off Free" Lyrics 

"Better off Free" Written by Shannon Kohl


"When it began, I was ready to fall
Thought it was what I wanted for the long haul
But this has been testing me, making me strong
It’s about to get the

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